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How to blog more simply

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Last weekend as I was checking my inbox and social media comments and I noticed that there were so many of you asking me some really great questions! Questions pertaining to what camera I use? photo settings? Do I have any tips on taking better pictures? I love all of these questions! So I wanted to take some time today and answer some of those questions. My goal with this segment is to help you blog more simply not harder and the first way I can help you with that is to give you some of the basics. Which is what I will be sharing with you today!
What camera do I use?
Last year my husband and I purchased the Canon T5i. Investing in a DSLR is something I recommend if you are serious about blogging. Weather it is a Canon or Nikon etc. it’s a must!
We personally like the Canon because the colors pop more and the body is a bit easier to navigate. The canon t5i also has a nifty screen that flips out making it easier to capture images from awkward angles. (more on this later)
When we travel we also like to bring the Sony Alpha a6000. This one is one that we haven’t really had the chance to use too much. This camera has 179 AF (auto focus) points making allowing it take pictures super quick and has built in WIFI. I’m hoping we will get to use camera more this year.
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Which lens(es) do you prefer?
Lenses are something that Chris and I are constantly researching and playing with but at this point we use a 50mm F/1.8 and have just recently purchased a 35mm F/2 and are obsessed with it. Lots of people will suggest a 50mm but now that we have a 35mm I would honestly recommend this one instead. Since the 35mm is a wide angle it captures more of the image without having to back up as much.
Who takes my photos? 
My husband takes all of my photos and occasionally my brother will take them as well. My husband is not a professional photographer by any means at all. Photography is something that we have learned together and are still learning.
What’s the best time to shoot?
This one I think is a personal preference. I know for us we like to shoot during dawn. Even though we are not morning people what so ever! I do make sure to have all of my things organized and ready to go the night before so that once we are up it makes things a bit easier. Don’t get me wrong there have been… a lot of times where I forget a shoe or 2 lol. If that does happen we either run back home grab those items or we will just shoot around dusk.
Another reason I like to shoot in the morning is the pictures come out softer and not so harsh. Shooting earlier also allows for more time to shoot as opposed to shooting in the evening where I feel rushed sometimes.
Alright lovelies I have given you a quick run down on what you need to start blogging more simply. This post most defiantly been a lot longer but before I get into the super juicy tips and tricks I want to make sure this post is something that interests you and what other questions you have? Lighting, editing, angles, instagram?! Let me know in the comments below!
There are so many things that I want to share with you!
Quick Tip Settings f 2.8 ISO 100-200
Happy Friday!