How To Make A Window Box Planter
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How To Make A Window Box Planter

How to make a window box planter

Diy planter window box


Well hello there my fellow gardeners and diy’ers! Last weekend I convinced Chris that we should do a DIY project that had been on my list. While he would have preferred to watch sports center that day I thought this was WAY better! Plus this space in the front of our house needed some pizzaz! A window box is the perfect project to start off the Spring season! You can make these in all sizes but the supplies and instructions are the same. Are you ready to see how to make a window box planter?!



2 ( 1 x 8 x 7 1/4) boards of cedar or treated pine

2 (0.25 x 1.5 in x 4 ft) trim hobby boards

1  (1in x 4w) cedar or pine

6 oz box of (1/1-4) long nails

Gorilla wood glue


1″ Drill bit


Behr Ultra Pure White Paint semi gloss (paint and primer)

Purdy Paint Brush

1 Handy Home Depot Associate to cut all the pieces! (having them cut is way easier, trust me!!) the gentleman that helped us was so nice and helpful!


3 – 1×8  cut @ 42″

2 – 1×8 cut @ 8″

4-(trim) length and width desired to create the pop out effect

3 -(legs) 1inch x 5 inch long


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How to make window box planters

Easy DIY Window Planter Box

How to make a window box


1. On a covered surface lay down (42″) base board.

2. Place wood glue on the ends so that when you begin to put up surrounding pieces of wood it will create the box around base.

3. Once it has dried hammer in the long nails around the ends of the boards to secure the sides and ends.

4. Next using either nails, glue or both add trim to front of box and secure.

5. Hammer in the 3  With drill and 1″ drill bit drill 2 holes on the base board.

6. Place one (1/2) pine at both ends of base and middle of base and hammer into place for elevation and drainage support

7. Paint and let dry overnight or till completely dry.

8. Add a small layer of rock for better drainage

9.. Fill box with potting soil

10. Plant flowers

11. Water flowers

12. Place where you would like!

Isn’t This Window Box So Pretty!

White window box planter

how to make a window box Diy planter window box

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I love how these planter window boxes turned out! They really made this window in the front of our house pop! If you thought this tutorial was helpful, I would love if you pinned this or shared it with others! Thanks so much fo stopping by! I hope you all have a great weekend!



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