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How To Stencil Floors

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Hello and happy Friday! Today I’m finally getting to share with you a full look at our update patio floors. So many of you had asked what tiles they were and while we did consider that route we didn’t find what we were looking for. Which is why we decided to get them stenciled! Yes, stenciled!

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The patio used to just be the standard concrete with a few accent rugs but I just knew that I wanted to have a bigger impact on walking out to this space. See the before here. We spend countless hours driving to place to see tile options and researching online. We even got to the part where we ordered tile but returned them as it just wasn’t quite right. Anyone else do this? So there I was on Pinterest 30 tabs open when I saw this darling porch! To be honest it was WAY less expensive!

We ended up ordering 2 of the gorgeous Marlen stencils from cutting edge stencils. We do have a large patio space so I go the biggest size possible so that it would be easier to cover the space. This company also makes a kit that has everything you would need to complete this project as well if you want to purchase that. For us we ended up purchasing our own rollers and 2 gallons each of this epoxy paint. We did hire someone to help us with this project because lets face it we aren’t the most patient when it comes to painting projects lol.

 Stencil Floor Instructions

  1. Etch and power wash floors making sure to remove all of the gunk and to let space dry fully
  2. Follow instructions on paint can and mix both cans of pain together if you are using more then one depending on size of space.
  3. Paint floors in the base coat color ( we used white base with 2 coats )
  4. Let dry completely time varies on temperature
  5. Again. Mix cans of stencil color paint (slate grey) together so that it is even
  6. Lay stencil flat at one end, use roller to paint over stencil, remove carefully and place on next spot and so on.
  7. Let dry and do not place anything on surface for up to 7 days.


simply sutter - patio - stencil patio - painting floor

* here is what it looked like with a coat of white paint *

Simply Sutter - Stencil Patio - Patio Floor - paint floors Simply Sutter - Stencil Patio - Patio Floor - paint floors

Simply Sutter - Stencil Patio - Patio Floor - paint floors

As you can see some of the paint did spread but to be honest it’s exactly what I wanted because I wanted it to look like handmade tile. Doing this really made this patio space pop and it always a great conversation piece. Now that this space is done i’m thinking about adding in a few more plants and trees in the backyard. I hope you all enjoyed today’s post and have a great Friday!