How We Got Pregnant With IVF + Q&A
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How We Got Pregnant With IVF + Q&A



It’s about 10 p.m right now and I’ve edited this post a few times already because it was a novel and all of the emotions are coming back. I think I got it to where it gives you the info needed but also shares the exact emotions that happened at least I hope so! Since sharing that Chris and I are expecting I wanted to give you all details on what has happened and what helped us conceive this time. Along with answering a few of the top questions that you had asked.


*please make sure to consult you doctor before trying anything that I mention that worked for us*


IVF Round 1-3

If you haven’t had a chance to see our infertility post or what happened our first round with IVF you can click on the highlighted link and check those two posts out. Since our first failed round of IVF I shut down. I couldn’t bring myself to share it with anyone outside of close friends and family. Then when our 2nd failed again with no normal embryos and 1 (low level mosaic) I kept on with the same way of feeling. I’m a strong believer in sharing only what you want to and I just felt like there was no light or happy ending. Right around this time I was really feeling like “what was wrong with me and loathing my body”. When we finished round 3 of our retrival Chris and I knew we just needed to get away so we planned for a week in Boston and Vermont. It was a great trip then we got an email at 1 pm saying that none of our embryos we viable again.


Baby Benjamin

You know when you see a word or a sign of some sort? You ignore it and then one day you are just like hmm maybe that means something. That’s what happened. Chris and I knew that we had 1 low level mosaic embryo from our second round to try. Our Dr. had said if it sticks then everything should be okay. When we got the news in December that baby Benjamin implanted we were over the moon! We didn’t tell anyone in our family or our friends we kept it to ourselves and planned on telling them around Februrary. Chris gifted me this lovely locket that he had bought when we first started this journey with baby b’s first pic and a pic of us.  Sadly at our first ob scan we were told that our sweet baby boy had no heartbeat.


I had a miscarriage and had to say goodbye to the sweet angel we never got to meet in mid January. Personally I was in a dark place guys. I couldn’t get out of bed I couldn’t even look at my phone let alone eat or sleep. I told Chris I was done. That God just didn’t want this for us. Then one day I had this strength this feeling that one more shot we would give it and if it didn’t work I just had to be okay with what was to come.


Round 4 of IVF

Round 4 of IVF ** YES ROUND 4** was completely different then our other rounds first being we did a fresh transfer then a frozen transfer. Secondly COVID-19 happened and we had to postpone a few months in-between all that. When you do a frozen transfer you can get embryos genetically tested and have a higher chance of implantation. With a fresh transfer they monitor your embryos between 3-5 days then transferred which get graded a bit differently and you don’t know the sex. A fresh transfer is what was done before frozen transfers where a thing. Our doctor recommended that I do a lower dose round of medications and adding in a tiny amount of HGH for a certain amount of time all to help my embryos. With a possibility that my embryos really just didn’t like the frozen process and this could be a better route.


Keep in mind that I or my body didn’t really have any sort of break within a year and half of during the IVF journey. I was so nervous and emotional but it turned out that we had 2 strong looking embryos and our Dr. said implanting 2 would be a good option but to keep in mind of multiples. In our minds we just thought “God please just bless us with one” we had no idea we would be blessed with TWO! Plus for the first time we actually had 3 embryos that came back normal incase we want to grow our family more!


OHSS Whammy

Then I got hit with another whammy! I had OHSS (ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome) my ovaries blew up and my body was not processing fluids correctly. Therefore I looked 6 months pregnant, I was in constant pain, had to get 2.2 liters of fluid out and 2 rounds of IV fluids. It was not fun at all It got so bad that Chris had to carry me to the restroom and help me stand because my back kept seizing up. Again this is just what happened to me as it might not happen to everyone.



The day of the heartbeat check was that scariest day for me because I was scared of what happened last time. Then we saw the heartbeat of baby a and baby b! Every check up is nerve wrecking for me and I really don’t know if that is something that will ever pass. It’s just been a very long road filled with ups and downs but I will say that I’m thankful for God giving us the chance to be parents.





How many embryos did you put in? 

– This round we transferred two embryos. We have Di Di twins each have their own chorionic and amniotic sacs



Do you know the genders?

– With this being a fresh transfer we won’t know the genders till later. When we did the frozen transfers we knew the genders.



Did you do genetic testing?

– No, with fresh transfers you can’t do genetic testing due to the fact that the embryos are only about 5 days old.



How are you feeling now? 

– I’m so happy that I’m out of the first trimester. It was a really difficult one. Right now I’m have “pings and pangs” and some migraines but other than that I’m doing okay. Honestly I am just trying to take it one day at a time.



Any diet changes/supplements?

– This time I still did my weekly accupuncture but I did up my dosage of  COQ10 and added in Mela. (please make sure you consult your doctor first) I also continued with watching my gluten, dairy and caffeine/alcohol intake.



How Many IVF treatments have you done?

– We did 4 rounds of IVF and 3 rounds of IUI.



Did your end factor into infertility? 

– Yes I originally had one tube blocked that got unblocked with HSG plus I had low eqq reserve. Meaning that I should have had more viable eggs being produced as to the few I was getting.



Anything you wish you knew before starting this round? 

– There is always going to be things that I wish I had asked about our knew but in the end it worked.



Baby Names? 

– We don’t have any set names yet. I sort of feel like with two babies it’s a bit more pressure to narrow down names.



When are you due? 

– We are due March 2021


If you have any question please let me know in the comment section below or reach out to me however you feel comfortable. Wishing everyone love and happiness on their journey TTC. P.S Thank you to my wonderful husband for being my rock and helping me every step of the way!