Top 5 It Girls To Watch For During NYFW
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Top 5 It Girls To Watch For During NYFW

What do mean you aren’t going to New York Fashion Week!? If you don’t go the world might just stop! LOL If you have heard those things and maybe are feeling a little less of a person STOP! The world will keep spinning and life will go on and the great thing is that there is something called the… World Wide Web where you can see just about anything including NYFW. For whatever reasons this event was just not in the cards for me this year and that’s completely ok. I cant wait to see what lots of others will where and what trends will be trending. I’ll be doing a few posts here and there focusing on trends and such but I wanted to start off with a few “it girls” to watch for during NYFW.

NYFW - Fashion Month

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Olivia Palermo: When I think fashion week she is always the first person I think of that I know is going to have stunning looks. She just recently wore this crochet set and it’s very modern hippy to me.

Kate Bosworth: Kate Bosworth can rock just about anything but I love that she always has some of the best embellished sophisticated looks. Did you see here feather and gem LWD she wore in Venice.  PERFECTION!

Gigi Hadid : From the runway to the bustling streets Gigi always surprises me. I never know whether she will be in a casual combat boot outfit or an all white polished look.

Jenny Cipoletti : I’ve loved watching Jenny’s style transform through her blog and now that she is rocking a shorter do I cant wait to see what sultry feminine ensemble she will be sporting this season.

Selena Gomez: With her new Coach campaign going strong i’m hoping we will see more of that fabulous collection along with her retro style.

If you aren’t going to NYFW what are you looking forward to seeing or who? Also if you have any outfits that you have seen during New York Fashion Week and are wondering how you wear for any everyday look let me know i’d love to give you some inspiration.

I hope you all have a good weekend