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 Anyone else feeling like this Friday could not get here soon enough?! I’m looking forward to some extra Z’s for sure. When it comes to my weekend attire I am an all around denim girl! I will forever be a denim girl! There is always something so satisfactory about slipping on a great pair of jeans. Since I’m such a big fan denim especially ones in all sorts of styles and shades I thought today i’d chat with you about a few of my favorites. 
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A few of the things I look for are when looking for jeans are: 
Fit: I like a snugger fit around the legs and ankles 
Quality: I tend to go for materials that have a good stretch but not too much. Too much for me is if I wear them a few times and they get really stretched out in the bottom and leg area. No one likes a soggy bottom lol. 
Rise: Mid or High Rise are my top faves
Style: This one has no specificity, but I adore skinny jeans, crops, flare and even the uneven hem.
Shades: I love jeans in all colors but some of my favorites lately are a darker denim shade making stems look longer. Also washed tones are fun as well especially for fall. 
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Below you will find denim I own in the brands that I love. 
I hop you all have a great weekend and if you get a chance visit my instagram for a fun giveaway!