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JUMPSUIT c/o 6 shore road | Chloe Bag c/o Trendlee use code “SIMPLYSUTTER” 5% off * also comes in TEAL | EARRINGS | Chloé Sunglasses | HEELS $50
I bet some of you first thought a jumpsuit in the summer!? She must be joking! I have found the most perfect jumpsuit it is lightweight and while it may look like a dress at first glance it for sure a wide legged jumpsuit! with pockets! To continue with an easy breeze feel I added a silver pair of block heels, a few turquoise inspired jewelry then topped it with a neutral hobo bag. Not just any bag this Chloé Marcie bag has been one I have been wanting to try out for some time now. The color is gorgeous! If you are look for AUTHENTIC designer bags make sure to try out Trendlee they have a great selection! Also you can get 5% off if you use the code SIMPLYSUTTER. I have a few more in my cart that I want to test out!  
how to wear a white jumpsuit-outfit
chloe handbag, white outfit
chloe marcie hobo bag, white jumpsuit
Charming charlie, turquoise, gold
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I’m not going to lie Sunday was my favorite day this weekend. I actually had time to relax with Christopher and our boys. I also reached 25 THOUSAND followers and that made my heart VERY happy! So thank you really it means so much to me that I get to share a big part of what makes me happy with you all. Here’s to the next 25K!