Best Kitchen Tray Essentials
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Best Kitchen Tray Essentials

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Who is the cook in your house? As you all know this Chris and I love to cook together! We turn our jazz music on and make some amazing dishes and some not so tasty! The one important thing that I love having in our kitchen is our kitchen tray. It really is a must because this is spot that you go to that has all of essentials! Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite kitchen tray essentials so that you can create one yourself.

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The first thing you need is a tray. SHOCKER! What might be even more of a shocker is that this beautiful woven rattan tray is from Amazon! I searched high and low and found this one and my goodness is it fabulous! You think it would be easier to find one in a more natural color but it was actually super tough especially with out breaking the bank.

Next you will need items that you tend to grab for a lot. For the utensils use a a vase or jar of some sort to house all them. The one I have is actually an old cookie jar. Inside I put all of my wooden spoons, forks and rolling pin. We use a lot of oil and vinegar when we are cooking so O&V dispensers were a must. These ones are easy to refill and use. If you use a lot of salt I would suggest getting one of these salt jars.

Lastly, I always adding a bit of greenery to give it a little bit of color. You could also use a small kitchen towel to hang over the tray. A little bit of color really makes the tray and space pop. If there is one more thing I would say is a must have it is a place to put your cooking utensils when you are cooking. This wooden dish comes in handy for sure!

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You would be surprised at how many lovely readers ask me what my favorite way to organize my kitchen is! Without a doubt this space with my kitchen tray is a great way to get your kitchen organized!

Thank you so much for reading today’s blog post! If you have any questions you can leave them below.



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