3 Simple Ways To Wear A Leopard Skirt
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3 Simple Ways To Wear A Leopard Skirt

3 simple ways to wear a leopard skirt

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Quick question are you seeing spots? In this case if your answer is yes then that’s a good thing! Today I wanted to chat about the leopard skirt. The one I am wearing to be exact. One because it’s a lovely affordable skirt and two because who doesn’t love leopard skirt outfit ideas!

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I just want to give you a quick cyber high five if you love love the leopard print too! As soon as I saw this leopard skirt online I knew it was going to be an item I would wear time and time again. Don’t you just love items like that? When it comes to outfit ideas for this leopard skirt you can dress it up or dress it down. If you can believe it this skirt is only $49 (wearing xs).

Dressed Up Leopard Skirt Idea

The first simple way to dress up this leopard skirt I would go with a black top similar to the one I’m wearing today. Even though this is a super simple black turtleneck it gives a chic look with the skirt. For footwear I love the idea of black pumps or even a velvet Mary Jane pump. A dressed up leopard skirt outfit like this is perfect an evening dinner or event. All you need is a black top and black pumps for this look!

3 simple ways to wear a leopard skirt

Casual and Chic Outfit Idea

Before I jump into my ultra simple way to wear this skirt I want to share a casual and chic way to style this skirt. To create this second look you will need a sweater in a pop of color like cobalt blue, hot pink or red. The last two things you will need are a black Moto jacket and favorite black ankle boots. Incorporating these three things make for the perfect blend of both casual and chic. Try this look for grabbing brunch with the gal pals or a night out on the town.


Ultra Simple Skirt Idea

Okay now for the ULTRA simple way to wear this skirt. If you don’t know this about yet I’ll tell you that I am huge fan of T-shirts. Which is why this way is probably my favorite way to wear the leopard skirt. All you need is a plain white t-shirt and comfy white sneakers. You could also add a denim jacket! I love this outfit idea for during the day.


There you have it 3 new ways to wear this leopard skirt using lots of items you probably already have in your closet! Here is that link again to the skirt I wore in today’s post.

I hope you all had a good weekend! I know I am wishing a tiny bit that went by a bit slower!

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