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Mini Getaway

My Husband how I love him so !
This Past weekend we went to my favorite place to have breakfast . 
I always get the same thing but it is because it is amazing !! 
I can not express how much I love Arcadia Farms I would probably go there everyday if I could 

This place is so adorable inside and out !

It was so beautiful outside so why not enjoy breakfast outside . 
So what I always get is 
Fresh Berry Crepes
with Sweet Mascarpone Cheese, Berry Coulis and Whipped Cream Topped with Toasted Candied Almonds and delicious coffee in an over sized mug =) You Just Have to get it if you get a chance to go
On to the adventure 
The Musical Instrument Museum 
This was pretty fun !
To sum it up you go through all the countries and see all the different insturments they use 
you are given a headset so when  you walk by each setup you can listen to the musical instruments
There are so many !! There is also the costumes and attire that some where in there native countries
But my hubz knowing me so well knew I would like it because there was an Taylor Swift section 
(Swifty Fan) 
Oh and if you read my about me you know I am half Panamanian So they had a section of that as well ! 
3 Hours later we were exhausted but it was so fun 

If you would like more info on where we went click on the links provided for you !