My favorite things christmas edition
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My favorite things christmas edition

Christmas.. as much as I try milking it .. It can get a bit exhausting .. But all in all I look forward to it just because in my fantasy world I picture this perfect image of waking up with the sun in Paris in my swanky cottage . The morning would consist of an Audrey Hepburn movie with a little of the Holiday. I’d spritz on my Chanel perfume and put on my black dress and cozy red coat with that id go to my favorite little cafe and have the best cup of coffee and walk around town seeing all the lights and cute shops….Reality I wake up in my christmas Jammie’s that I’ve had for a few years now get lots of wet kisses from my puppies and slowly walk downstairs make myself some coffee and turn on the tree because it starts the day off right .. I think.. I proceed to stay in my pjs until I frealize I should probably be a normal person and make myself decent . 

Back to the original topic of this blog 
lights , the smell of pine, making cookies with my little brother , decorating , picking out wrapping paper (not wrapping) , hot cocoa, watching my dad shake all his gifts and guessing because the man just can’t open them lol, my mom taking one too many pictures , dressing all the dogs up in their christmas attire 🙂 , taking naps after eating way too much, watching all the old christmas movies, singing christmas music whenever, wearing christmas socks that light up, kissing my hubby under the mistle toe , giving someone a gift they least expected, acting super excited when my mom gives me a gift that I already knew about, wearing cozy hats , stuffing my face with marshmallows and green bean cassarole, helping others when I can, sending and getting holiday cards, ,, PHEW I could of course keep going but my fingers are cramping 🙂
I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday !