My Simple Skincare Routine
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My Simple Skincare Routine

My top 3 skincare products


As the new year arrived I decided that I wanted to go a bit simpler with items I used everyday. I was tired of looking at a lot of the products I was using and feeling like I had no idea what was in it and like whatever it was it must not be good. Mainly I now think that if it’s not safe to use during pregnancy then it’s not safe use. Today I wanted to share with you the 3 products I use in my simple skincare routine.


My Top 3 Skincare Products


Cleanser -The first product I use is this facial cleanser from Philosophy. Chris’s mom actually introduced me to this cleanser a few years ago. She gifted it to me as a Christmas gift and I’ve been using it ever since. I love this one because it is fragrance free, gentle on my combo skin and takes off all my makeup including waterproof eyeliner.


Hydration – To hydrate my skin I start I use 2 key products. For everyday hydration I use Aveeno ultra calming face lotion. This face lotion is great it has SPF 15 and doesn’t clog my pores. I have sensitive skin and some times it can get a lot of redness and irritation but this face lotion helps with soothing that.


EXTRA HYDRATION – On days where I need extra hydration I use this “SECRET” product. Avocado Oil! Yup you heard me right avocado oil. This one my mom actually introduced me to. I tend to get dry patches of skin on my face and body so I will do is one of two things. I will rub a small amount of this oil on my face directly. The second is add a few drops into my face lotion and apply or i’ll even add it to my body lotion.

No lie I use to drag my nail across my skin and would see that ashy skin come up! Now I don’t all when I use avocado oil!


This year I’m going to continue to share more of these healthier and greener products that I use with you so stay tuned for them here on the blog and on my instagram. I’ve had a lot of questions about a haircare routine so I will be trying to work on that for you all as well. Please feel free to leave suggestions below!