My Spring Bucket List
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My Spring Bucket List

spring bucket list



A new spring season is upon us and with that comes the though of all things new and refreshed. Before a new season starts I like to make a quick list of a few things I’d like to accomplish. Depending on the season the bucket list items change. You can check out last years fall list HERE. As far as this spring season though I really want to make it a point to do things I enjoy and that will bring some clarity as well!



Spring Bucket List


Spring Bucket List


A few top things that made my bucket list are outdoor activities like bike rides, picnics and planting flowers. I don’t have a green thumb whatsoever but I really find gardening therapeutic. Last year I made my own DIY planter box and I’m looking forward to adding some new flowers to it. I even got a new gardening tool kit that hopefully will get lots of use.


We only really have a very small window of actual lovely spring weather before it starts to heat up here in AZ. Therefor I like to make sure a majority of my backlist items are involve the outdoors.

Do you make season bucket lists?

Remember that when you are creating your own bucket list to keep it simple and to just jot down what comes to mind. Your list shouldn’t be filled with chores but more along the lines of doing this that you have been wanting to do in those seasons.




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