1 new color I’m loving
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1 new color I’m loving

Simply Sutter - Mauve - Fall Style - Fall outfit - fall sandals

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Hello Darling Friends! If you are anything like me you are coveting lots of items in your favorite colors! I feel like the colors I love change with different seasons. Lately, i’m all about this mauve color. If you love mauve too then stick around.

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I don’t realize that I have an obsession with a color till I look down at my arm with all the things I want to try on and see all of the same color. This was me a few weeks ago I couldn’t believe I had about 6 items in mauve but they were all equally beautiful. Once I narrowed it down I ended up with this $45 top and a stunning dress. I’ll be sharing the dress with you all next week =) Back to this top though isn’t it fabulous! The knot detail really got me!

This top can be paired with a casual pair of jeans and cute sandals or if you wanted to really dress it up you can wear it with a pair of pixi cut dress pants. Quick story on these jeans they are amazing but they look a bit wrinkly here I apologize! It was like 1000 degrees and this was wardrobe change 4 and well lets just say I blame it on the heat and changing in the car. LOL. I really do love these jeans and how they look every other time!

simply sutter - mauve - knot top - fall outfitsimply sutter - mauve - knot top - fall outfitsimply sutter - mauve - knot top - fall outfitSimply Sutter - Mauve - knot top - Fall style

I think I love this mauve color so much because it’s a great intro to fall color. It also works really well with summer outfits. I hope you all have a great day!