New Year Goals You CAN Accomplish And How TO
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New Year Goals You CAN Accomplish And How TO

New Year Outfit and New Year goals


A new year is upon us and while this time can be exciting and thrilling for some there are also those who start to feel stressed with making goals and wondering how to accomplish them! Which leads me to today’s post New Year Goals You Can Accomplish and How To! I’m giving you my number one tip on how you can achieve your new year goals with ease and best of all no STRESS! Below you will also find a few previous blog post I’ve created that you can go to for reference. Or feel free to type in organization or healthy for more post ideas in the SEARCH BAR.



When it comes to accomplishing your goals for the new year there is one thing I find really helpful and that is breaking them down. This method really works wonders even if it seems simple. Take your BIG GOALS and break them into smaller ones. For example let’s say one of your big goals is to get your home organized. The smaller goals broken down would be organize one space every week NIGHT STAND, MEDICINE CABINET, SILVERWEAR. Start with accomplishing easier tasks then work your way toward the larger more difficult ones i.e closet, pantry.




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New Year Goals You Can Accomplish


Home Organization –

*I say start with your bedroom but of course you can pick anywhere in your home. Just remember to break it down.

  • Clean Night Stands – You can check out my post on how to do this
  • Medicine cabinets – Get rid of all the expired medicine and items you just don’t use
  • Shower – Toss out those empty or used products
  • Makeup – I did an entire post on how I have mine organized and items you will need to do so.
  • Closet – This might sound overwhelming but I break it down with setting an amount of time and setting 3 bags out (give, keep, trash) then get to work

Get Healthy

  • Drink more water – I like to get the 1.5 liters of water at sprouts when they are on sale or even get a bigger water bottle that way you know you need to drink all of that water by the end of the day.
  • Eat more veggies – You can start with a smoothie or green juice in the morning and pack it with veggies. It doesn’t have to be an everyday thing but try for everything day making something like a smoothie or salad where it’s easy to load up on those veggies.
  • Do a few minutes of stretching or exercise daily – I normally do my 15 minutes of exercise or stretching when I’m watching t.v or doing laundry. I call laundry day squat day!

Be Kinder

  • Have mercy on your self at the end of the day
  • Help others when the opportunity presents itself. Smile when someone walks by, say hi or give a simple compliment.


  • Plan one big trip for some point in the year. Give yourself something to look forward to!


Here at Simply Sutter I strive to give you the tools and the resources to help you style you and your life simply. Hopefully today’s post has done just that! Have a question or want to chat feel free to reach out to me below or email me (


– Happy New Year! May it be the best year yet!