Our Infertility Story
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Our Infertility Story

infertility with endometriosis

Since The Beginning

I have no clue how to start today’s post. I’ve sat here for a good while and the only thing I keep thinking is ” wow this hard”, but here goes nothing! Openly I’ve had the opportunity to talk to you about my endometriosis but what I couldn’t do is speak about something that has been going on behind what you see on social media. Social media is a great place for me to share my everyday with you weather it’s in messy hair and no make up or sharing time with my family. One thing I’ve always done is be honest! I know I’m not that girl who is always out and about surrounded by a giant group of friends. I’m a homebody and someone who is perfectly content with her closets friends, puppies and family. Anyone else feel me?!

Since sharing my journey with endometriosis with you all so many of you reached out to me with your own stories and for that I am forever grateful. It’s because of these platforms we get to be there for each other and to be a shoulder for someone else. Which leads me to what I’m openly and whole heartedly sharing with you today. For the last almost year and a half now Chris and I have been trying to grow our family! Yay! Right?!.. No! This has been the longest most hardest year of my life. I have never wanted anything so much! (PAUSE) while I wipe my tears away and listen to a Lauren Daigle song!


infertility with endometriosis


The Zinger

Chris and I were over the moon to start trying but after a year and getting to the point of me continuously saying “why is this not happening?” I started to get worried. After talking to my OB/GYN and she recommended I get an HSG done. Not familiar with all the fun that happens when you get and HSG? It’s a procedure where they insert dye into the fallopian tubes to see if everything is flowing the way it should. The first thing I asked was is it going to hurt? Let’s face it my pain tolerance is low but since I have endometriosis and cramps at a level 11 I always get told oh ya you will be fine! Well 2 extra strength Tylenol, a huge cry fest and almost cruising the doctor  15 minutes later the HSG was over!! The diagnosis?? my good old friend endo was here to stay with a ZINGER of a blocked ovary! This blocked ovary is one of the reasons why it had been harder for me to get pregnant. My next appointment my OB recommend we go see an infertility specialist. At that point I was like is this necessary can’t you just give some meds or something!? Nope!


When Chris and I met with our infertility doctor a month later we..no Chris came prepared with lots of questions. I was so nervous and just trying not to cry! Let me just say she is the sweetest doctor ever! She sat us down and the game plan began! With my case of endometriosis she wanted me to get an SIS and blood work done first before doing anything to make sure we weren’t lessening our chances of conceiving. The day of the SIS the doctor asked me if I wouldn’t mind getting the HSG done again just so that she could double check. My heart almost dropped but I had this feeling of I needed to do it. I got them both done the same day and with the grace of GOD the blocked tube decided to open! Now we had 2 open tubes but my blood work came back with a vitamin D deficiency and a lower amount of eggs due to my endometriosis! As you can imagine there was a lot of ups and downs happening by then.

Where We Are Today

Now here we are. She wanted to have us go through with the IUI process. For us we tried one timed intercourse first and then opted for the recommended IUI after our first attempt didn’t work. Like the timed option I was put on clomid for 5 days then would go see if I’m creating follicles to ovulate. Then I inject myself with a trigger shot to help increase ovulation. I’m not the biggest fan of needles so doing this isn’t not the most fun. Then they give you the days when the IUI can be done. Chris goes in earlier to give his “donation” =) then two hours later it’s insemination time! After that I’m take progesterone to help the egg grow if it took. I’ve only gone through that entire process once because one time I had a cyst so I couldn’t take any of the medication to stimulate it.


Chris has been the greatest support through this entire chapter as he has with everything since I met him and don’t know what I’d do without him! Infertility was something I always knew might be a possibility but I tried to no think about it! Everyone goes through things differently and while I’m a naturally a stressed person I’m trying to stay hopeful but it’s been a real struggle of not feeling like your body has it out for you. Okay this has now become an infertility book! So before I write anymore I just want to say thank for your support, taking the time to read this post and know you are not alone.


I’ll keep you posted on what happens!


infertility with endometriosis