Overcoming Trying To Be Perfect
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Overcoming Trying To Be Perfect

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Hi friends! Yes you! I call you my friends because I share my life with you! The good and the bad you guys hear it. In this photo your probably thinking this picture is perfect so her life must be perfect! I look at it and think hmm there is a blue ball in the corner that should not be there, my hair look horrid and I’ve taken this picture too more times and I just can’t get it right!

I’m a perfectionist! I always have been but it wasn’t until I really became fully committed to being a blogger that I started to see that level of intensity sky rocket! Don’t get me wrong I LOVE being an influencer but sometimes well a lot of the times I just don’t feel like things are good enough. I tend to over think things, stare at imperfections thinking that people will notice and won’t like them.

Well, i’ve just about had it with over stressing and trying to get all the details right so if your with me let’s dive into overcoming trying to be perfect. *I’m still practicing these myself *

Start Small

I try not to think of all of things I have to do in the morning so the night before I take a few minutes and first write down 3 small tasks for the next day. I like to write down things like read daily devotional, make coffee or to take the boys outside. Tackling smaller things first allows me to transition into larger tasks easier.

When it comes to tackling larger tasks like write a blog post, do a try on session I can get flustered because I want it to be perfect so I try do break these up in to tiny bits. I will break up writing a post and start with write for 20 minutes or add in images and links.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

If you can believe this but it has taken me almost a few hours before to come up with a Instagram caption before! I write and delete, write and delete it’s a viscous cycle! My brain honestly goes in like a million directions trying to figure out what to write. My favorite ones are when I’m honest and just tell you exactly what i’m thinking or what’s going on. I love seeing readers responses to yes I love binge watching shows too or seeing that you too have to bribe family and friends to take your pictures.

No Comparison

We have all heard the saying no one is perfect and that you shouldn’t compare yourself to others. No matter how many times you’ve heard it you still do it. When I feel like this I take a step back and just think of the imperfections that make me who I am and how those things make me connect with others like you.

While I would love to have 1k+ likes and everyone reading what I take the time to write I’ve learned to just put positivity into the world and just let that be that. I know that God has a plan for me and I have to fully accept that no matter what that looks like. Know that you are good enough!


Thanks so much for stopping by to read today’s post have a lovely weekend.