Page Spring Vineyard
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Page Spring Vineyard

Last weekend my husband planned a getaway to Cornville, AZ. I think he knows me to well especially when I have the urge to explore. Lately I feel like we have been exploring wine every chance we get weather its at a local restaurant or at home in our jammies.

So if your interested in this blog all tell you all about our adventure to Page Springs Vineyard. 

This is a family owned vineyard located just 15 min from Sedona, AZ. If you do decide to go here. Make sure you take the tour. The friendly staff and tour guide will take you through land while you get to explore and learn about and how there wine is made. While here we learned about all the different grapes they use to make certain delicious wines, and the fermentation process.

All in all this was by far an excellent trip ! Now the good stuff ! Wine Tasting! After you finish the tour you get to taste any 10 delicious wines you want from their extraordinary list. Chris and I maybe had a little more SHHHH don’t tell. Feel free to roam around the grounds and enjoy the sites.