The Perfect Day To Night Sweater
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The Perfect Day To Night Sweater

Simply Sutter - Feather Sweater - Day to night outfit

Stop what you are doing because I have found the PERFECT sweater that goes from day to night! Let’s face it sometimes during the week things get a bit hectic with last minute plans and there just isn’t enough time to make a full wardrobe change.

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I can’t believe I almost forgot to share this sweater with you all but good news! It is still fully stocked and its on sale! I purchased it for $100 and its on sale right now for $65 (xs). I’m amazed that more sweaters are made like this one because it literally goes from day to night with just a few snaps! This feather trim actually can be button snapped on or you can unsnap them for the daytime. Is this not the most genius idea ever?! All you would have to do is put the feather trim in your bag if you need to take your look from day to night.

How To Style

For a night time look I went with my favorite black pants and a pair of glitter sandals. These sandals are oldies but I can’t seem to get rid of them I love them so much. To add a dash more of glam I added these tear drop shimmer earrings and red lip. Do you all love a red lip for a night out look? I made sure to link my favorite shade of red for you below.

For a casual day look I would style this with a pair of pointed toe flats, nude lips and maybe a fun brimmed hat. What do you all think of this sweater?

Simply Sutter - Feather Trim Sweater - Day To Night Style - Dillards

simply sutter - winter style - date night outfit - day to night sweater simply sutter - winter style - date night outfit - day to night sweater simply sutter - winter style - date night outfit - day to night sweater - glitter heels

I’m not going to lie Sunday night I was for sure feeling like a needed another weekend day. Now that Monday is here I am ready to jump into a list of project ideas! I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

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  1. Very nice ensemble!

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