Petite Friendly Denim Guide
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Petite Friendly Denim Guide

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With the weekend comes all things casual and my personal favorite, denim outfits. Being a smaller framed blogger I get a lot of questions about denim brands that I love. Which leads me to getting around to this post finally. While I wouldn’t consider myself a 100% petite fashion blogger I do tend to style lots of petite friendly items, denim included. Let’s jump into today’s petite friendly denim guide shall we!?


I am 5″2′ with an hourglass shape

What I look for:

Since I am so “tall” kidding, kidding. I want to create an illusion of length as much as possible. I like to go with jeans that are mid or high waisted. As far as shades of denim go I like them all! White jeans are ones that I use all year round.

Brands :

I’m always up for trying new brands but these are some of my top brands.

– Loft 24P – 25P

– Abercrombie 00 Short

Levis 711 Regular

AG Jeans 24 Regular

– Banana Republic 24 petite

A few other Petite Jeans Parker Smith, Old Navy and Topshop

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Simply Sutter - Denim Guide - petite friendly denim guide - jeans


* Sometimes I just cut the hems to the length I need them! Distressed denim is so in. I also like the frayed edges and if I don’t want them frayed I leave enough length to cuff them.

* To get the perfect uneven hem jeans you can buy them or you can do them yourself! I used this DIY for a pair that I get a lot of questions about

* For looking taller, go with a full neutral color pallet outfit (white jeans,tee and nude heels)


I hope that you found today’s post helpful. I know that I personally bounce back and forth between petite and not petite. There are so many factors to consider when shopping for jeans but the most important one is if I feel confident in them?

Have a great weekend everyone! You can shop my most worn jeans and my plaid top below!

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