3 colors to wear with pink
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3 colors to wear with pink

Happy Wednesday! Last week I received a question as to what colors go good together with pink? I love when you all send me questions so today I wanted to answer this question in sharing 3 colors to wear with pink.

Simply Sutter - Loft - Pink ruffle top - pink and olive

Olive and pink have always been one of my favorite go-to’s. There is something about mixing a warmer green with a soft delicate pink that makes me feel like a million bucks. I recently saw this adorable ruffle top while on one of my shopping trips, that I do for SHOP THE DRESSING ROOM and I honestly just couldn’t leave without it. I automatically thought back to these olive color pants that I got last year and new the two would be great together. If you are thinking how do you decide on accessory colors? I would absolutely suggest keeping things neutral. Neutrals that go with these two colors are grey, beige and maybe even a soft caramel brown. The neutral accessories I ended up going with are my Tory Burch bag and fringe sandals. Both of these items are on major sale by the way.

Another color that goes with it is grey. This pink and grey dress is a great example of how to wear them.  If a dress is something that you are not into you can always just wear them as separates as well. Try a soft rose sweater and grey skinny jeans or grey leggings.

There are so many other colors to wear with pink but for my last one I’d suggest pink with PINK! Yes double up on that pink! Pink shades that match perfectly or even a different hue of pink. These pants would look amazing with the top from todays post.


How to wear pink - pink outfits - LOFT

Simply Sutter - Tory Burch - Fringe heels - Pink style

Simply Sutter - pink ruffle top - Loft - pink outfits

Simply Sutter - Loft - Tory Burch - How to wear pink

  If you have any other questions please feel free to send me an email =)

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