Planks aren’t for Sissys ?
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Planks aren’t for Sissys ?

Phew ! 
Back in my school years I was always in sports weather it was soccer, volleyball or dance 
Now eh not so much don’t get me wrong I love to go running for the sole purpose of seeing other peoples houses ..any one else do this? LOL but I am not as active as I use to be ..and yes I know I have been blessed with a “smaller frame”and everyone thinks that just because your smaller your “perfect and why would you need to work out “EEEE WRONGO! I still have “baby fat” you could call it in the mid region that well I feel needs to be dealt with my “little longha” is what I call it 
My first thought was hey that looks super easy and then I did them and thought *@&! I was Utterly Wrong ! 
I have found this AMAZING video on youtube yes youtube big shocker 
Link HERE 
Rebecca-Louise Is the Cutest her voice and Gung Ho Attitude totally get me through the plank routine
Not to mention in some of her other videos she has her adorable pup friends in the workouts with her
and I am a fan of Four legged animals so it just adds to the amazingness
I usually do this routine once a day with THIS Gem (intense full ab workout) 1or2 times a week 
rebecca louise, Xhit daily, planks
If you get a chance check her videos out =) 
I always feel amaze after one of her routines 
Planks are hard at first but they get easier !