Pom Pom Braid Tutorial
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Pom Pom Braid Tutorial

Simply Sutter - Hair tutorial - pom pom braids - easy hairstyle

Hello Hello! This Friday I wanted to share a highly request hairstyle with you. When I posted it on Instagram I was thrilled to hear that so many of you wanted to see to recreate it! These pom pom braids are really easy to do! At the very bottom of today’s post you can see a quick video on how to do it. It didn’t come out the greatest but just incase i’m making sure to give you the how to instructions as well!

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How To Create Pom Pom Braids

  1. Mist a tiny bit of shine spray on hair ( This Is Great )
  2. Part hair down the middle into two sections
  3. On one side wrap one clear band around hair right under the ear
  4. Do this 4 more times or as many times you need to reach the end of hair * Make sure you have a nice space in-between each band
  5. Spay section with texturizing spray
  6. Pull apart each one of the 4 sections to create as big as you want pom poms
  7. Repeat steps on opposite side

hairstyle - braids - pigtails - pom pom hairtstyle - fall hairtstyleSimply Sutter - Hair tutorial - pom pom braids - easy hairstyleSimply Sutter - Hair tutorial - pom pom braids - easy hairstyle

I hope you all enjoyed today’s pom pom tutorial! To see another quick hairstyle you can click here! I wish I was lucky enough to be able to do those really technical braids but what can I say my fingers do not work like that. Normally my arms get tired and I just throw in the towel. Is anyone else like this or are able to do cool things with your hair. Also I’m wearing halo extensions which I have a highlights video you can check out on my instagram.

I hope you all have a great weekend! We have some friends and family coming over and i’m looking forward to some sunshine and BBQ!