Powder Bathroom Reveal
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Powder Bathroom Reveal

Simply Sutter - Powder bathroom - peel and stick wallpaper - plaid wallpaper

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Happy Friday Darling Friends! Today i’m revealing our powder bathroom project with you all! This bathroom was very plain before and now that we did a few things to it and it now looks amazing!

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I completely forget to take a before picture of this space but just imagine it with bare white walls and a basic mirror. Since this is the main bathroom when we have visitors I always knew that I wanted it to be a bit more inviting. I went back and forth between wanting wainscoting and wallpaper but finally decided on wallpaper. Now finding a wallpaper that I loved was so hard! I just wanted something simple yet cozy. When I saw the beige version on Jillian Harris site I was like yes! Now if it was in grey I would be sold! Lucky enough they had it in grey!

I told Chris later that day that I had found the wallpaper and he said babe it’s peel and stick! I looked at hime and said perfect this will be a fun project! We did try to find someone to do this but we couldn’t find anyone. So after 2 looooong weeks we finally finished! It might not take you as long as us but we were in a small spot so lets just say we were getting a bit frustrated with one another lol!

What We Did In the Bathroom

We placed wallpaper on two walls that we felt were the statement walls. You could also do the entire space but to me that was just too much. Maybe if we had a window in here. Then we removed the general mirror and replaced it this octagon shaped one. I couldn’t stand the hanging town rod so we ripped that out and now have  a “U” shaped shelf that holds guest towels when we have company. I leave a normal hand towel hanging on the sink when it’s just Chris and I.

Above the toilette we added a shel that holds a few decor pieces and extra helpful items 😉 I was at home goods and saw these gorgeous grey pieces of wood art and knew they would look fabulous on the wall next to the vase with fairy lights.

Simply Sutter - Casa Sutter - Wallpaper - Powder Bathroom - White Bathroom - Bathroom Decor

Simply Sutter - Casa Sutter - Wallpaper - Powder Bathroom - White Bathroom - Bathroom Decor

Simply Sutter - Powder Bathroom Decor - Bathroom - Wallpaper - plaid wallpaper Simply Sutter - Powder Bathroom Decor - Bathroom - Wallpaper - plaid wallpaperThank you all so much for stopping by and checking out today’s blog post! If you want to see more of our home feel free to roam around HERE to see all that! If you have any other parts of the home you would like to see a post i’d love to know!