2 Easy Ways To Wear A Pullover Hoodie
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2 Easy Ways To Wear A Pullover Hoodie

2 easy ways to wear a pullover hoodie

how to style a pullover hoodie 2 casual ways

While I may not being pulling a fast one on you.. I am sharing this amazing striped pullover hoodie with you all today! LOL I could not help myself to start today’s post off with a silly little pun. My parents came over yesterday for dinner and we spent a lot of time outside enjoying the weather. While we were outside I actually grabbed this pullover to go over my athlisure outfit and it was perfect!

I had been looking for a spring pullover and lucked out when I found this one! It’s currently 40% off and also comes in blue stripes. I went with the pretty olive green stripes! When it comes to a pullover hoodie (wearing xs)like this there are few ways you can wear it but the two I’m sharing are my go to’s since I can’t quite wear shorts yet.


The first way is simple but easy to add accessories if you wanted to. I paired this pullover this comfy white tank with my distressed Jenas and pink shoes. For accessories you add a baseball cap or hair scarf. This sporty cool way to wear this pullover hoodies is perfect for going to watch a game with friends or a casual day event.

This next way to wear this pullover hoodie is a bit more dressy but in a casual cool way. If you have been wondering what other time outside of work will you be able to wear that blazer this is it. I put my black blazer over this outfit and now it for sure has a more dressy but casual cool feel to it. To dress this option up a bit swap out the sneakers for open or closed toed black heels.

casual dressy blazer outfit 2 easy ways to wear a pullover hoodie how to wear a pullover hoodie with a blazer


For the spring and summer I’m sure I’ll be adding this pullover hoodie over jeans shorts and swimsuits. I can’t wait! Speaking of things I can’t wait for I couldn’t wait to finish the season finally of The Great British Baking Show so I stayed up till 1 in the morning to finish it after tax prep. Staying up past 1 is like an almost never for me so when it was time to wake up it was a bit difficult lol. I hope you all had a great weekend!

PS This outfit  is another great option for how to wear a blazer!