Random Wednesday Post
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Random Wednesday Post

I don’t now about you but now that Bethenny is back on it makes drinking coffee at 11 a bit better
If you haven’t has a chance to watch it YOU SHOULD 
I love how blunt she is and she is hilarious
You can find out in the link bellow what time its on in your city
Tomorrow (Thursday) She is decoding your dirty dreams and the 1st Ask Bethenny 
Let Me Know What You Think ?
 A little DIY Project : So I have been in the process of decorating my “round room” I recently 
put up a wall decal and it turned out fabulous 
The wall decal was from Hobby Lobby ; the gems came inside the box ; I used a debit card to get all the air bubbles out and voila! 
Its still not finished yet I need some shelves and a white owl hook to hang my purse 

  *It’s Riley’s 5th Birthday Today So After We Celebrate I’ll Post About It
Have A Wonderful Wednesday Bloggers