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Sample Review

First of all my mood right now is pretty AMAZE !

Chocolate by The 1975 on Grooveshark

Well I downloaded the new iOS7 so that is pretty cool
and because I got some FREE samples which I NEVER get
The first sample I heard from the lovely Ashley Brooke if you haven’t already take a gander at her page 
Ashley Brooke
 Thank You again for recommending this =) 
The NEXXUS Youth Renewal Hair Elixar
The BIG deal about it: Combats the 8 visible signs of aging hair! and who doesn’t want that RIGHT?!
It has vitamin E, Argan oil, Keratin, Essence of Pearl (ooh sounds extra fancy) to help make your hair more radiant, shiny also give it more strength and volume
I’ve used it twice and love it my hair is so shiny and it smells great too
When your hair feels great you feel great right ? Me TOO!

The second is Killer Queen By The Ravishing Katy Perry

I heard of it from this awesome site Try It out 
This is what it reminds me of 
When its fall and you have a hot date and you put on your leather skinnys and on off the shoulder tank 
because you want to look hot and effortless 
It smells like look at me with my hot pants and I feel fierce 
I am now wanting a bottle and soon
Well I hope you enjoyed my reviews I’ve never done one before 
But I had fun with it 
Any Samples your in love with ? let me know !