Second Trimester Must Haves
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Second Trimester Must Haves

2nd trimester


2 Trimester Must Haves


Hi there friends! Now that I am officially in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy with the twins I thought I’d go back and share with you all what I used the most during my second trimester of pregnancy. Everyones pregnancy is different so please always consult with your doctor first.


I of course have been on bed rest since week 19 of my pregnancy so you might not need the wheel chair. It wasn’t a necessity but I did it for more as an extra precaution so I wasn’t walking around so much. I also had a bed side commode that I used at night time. They are both from amazon.

Comfort Always


Comfy items like these pregnancy underwear and nursing friendly bras were a must for me. I do wish the straps on these highly rated nursing bras were thinner. During the day I made sure to wear my cute pineapple compression socks and belly bandit belt if I was going to be walking around. Also these incontinence liners came in handy too especially with all the extra weight from the twins.


At night time if I wasn’t in one of Chris’s tees I liked to be in sleep shirts and I always had a mountain of pillows but this one was my favorite. It especially helped with my sciatica pain and belly positioning. Lastly, for to moisturize the belly bump I used this affordable belly lotion┬áthe most. This one is also really good click here to get 10% with code MONIC10.


Alright it’s midnight so I should probably go to bed or use the restroom. I seriously can’t believe how much I go pee now it is BANANAS. Also I’m hungry now and want a giant bowl of Mac and cheese. Maybe I should wake Chris up to see if that can happen? Lol no I won’t do that I’ll just rummage in my nightstand drawer where I have all of my snacks.


Thanks so much for reading today’s post!