Shopbop SALE Items you don’t want to miss UNDER $100
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Shopbop SALE Items you don’t want to miss UNDER $100

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As many of you know Shopbop has launched a surprise sale with 40% OFF. While there are TONS of  great items I wanted to share a few select items that are UNDER $100. When selecting these items I kept in mind a few key factors.

1. Is this something for me or could I gift it (Never Too Early)

2. What brands have I been wanting to splurge?
3. If it’s for me what do I absolutely NEED?
Alright enough chatter… Here We Go!
SHOES – All of these shoes are fabulous but my absolute favorites are these Kate Spade Sneakers I saw them last year and still love them! + who doesn’t love sparkles

DRESSES- Out of these three beauties this lace burgundy dress is a keeper for sure!

TOPS- A blazer is always a good to have and this darling cut blazer is my fave. 

ACCESSORIES- My top pick for accessories has to be this pom tote bag. I have one but am thinking it would be a great gift for a friend. 

Alright then chicas there you have my top Shopbop sale finds all for under $100. Let me know what your favorites are and make sure you shop now because the SALE won’t last for too much longer!