A Simple Way To Whiten Your Teeth With ARC
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A Simple Way To Whiten Your Teeth With ARC

This post was sponsored by ARC. All opinions are 100% mine.


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Lately I’ve been wondering if there was an easier way to whiten my teeth. As a blogger my office is always changing from home, a local coffee shop and even my car. With an on-the-go lifestyle I new I needed a teeth whitener that would fit that. Luckily the ARC teeth whitening pen is exactly what I was looking for!


best teeth whitening gel pen


I instantly fell in love with how convenient this ARC teeth whiting pen is and that I ┬ácan bring it with me wherever I go. It’s small and sleek enough that it fits in my purse or laptop bag. Not mention it really comes in handy after all those cups of coffee in helping rid those pesky surface stains. Now Instead of having to give up my coffee I can feel more confident. Another important factor I was looking for is good ingredients. This whitening gel has the same whitening ingredients dentists use. Did you hear about some using bleach and lemon juice to whiten their teeth? YIKES! Doing this ruins your enamel! I’m going to pass on ruining my enamel and use this safe teeth whitening!!


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How To Use ARC Whitening Pen

Remove whitening gel pen cap, turn bottom, paint on teeth


Where To Find Teeth Whitening Pen

If you are wondering where to find this whitening pen look no further. You find the ARC whitening pen on shelves at Target and at ARCsmile.com. Looking for another reason to love ARC? Check out ARC’s whitening strips and ARC light!


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Smiling whenever and wherever never felt so good! If you haven’t had a chance to check out this ARC teeth whitening gel pen there is no better time then now. Honestly who wants to worry about teeth stains! Also there is double the amount of gel in this pen versus other brands so you get more for your money! Try it out for yourself!