Simple ways Chris and I show each other acts of love
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Simple ways Chris and I show each other acts of love

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Instead of focusing on a gift guide for Valentines I wanted to share something a bit different. Today I’m sharing how Chris and I show each other acts of love. There are so many ways to show someone you love them but our favorites are the small things that make a great impact. When Chris and I first started dating (woof that’s like forever ago it seams) we use to buy each other a lot of gifts! As our relationship grew and as older as we got we realized it wasn’t about that. Don’t get me wrong we for sure gift each other things here and there but what it really comes down to is the smaller things.




Hold Hands With Each Other

Be Honest

Open Doors

I Let Chris Snore In My Ear (LOL)

Save Words For Each Other Every Day


Have Patience (Thank Goodness Chris Has A LOT Of This)

Pray For Each Other

Trade Off Cooking Dinner

Impromptu Flowers

Give Room For Space

Leave Notes Of Encouragement

Saying I Love You!


3 Valentines Gift Ideas For Him


Lunch Box

Grill Accessory


3 Valentines Gift Ideas For Her


Pajama Set


Spa Day


Again show love comes in all sorts of ways but I wanted to give you all an inside look at some of the acts of love Chris and I share with each other. This Valentine’s Day we are headed to one of our favorite restaurants and I can’t wait. We’ve go the last few years and we really look forward to it. That and all the small acts of love that come along with it. Like Chris letting me have some of whatever he orders and then letting me pick dessert. Lastly, I’ll leave him the last bite.