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Sip & Style Girly Trends

Good morning everyone I’m so excited to be partnering with more stunning women for todays Sip & Style segment. Last month it was all about Easter Style but get ready because we are chatting all about our favorite girly trends for this spring. Before we jump into my ruffle obsession you can head over to the lovely Mckenna’s blog The Bubbly Blonde to see what she is sharing as her girly trend. You can also see all of the looks below this post.

girly spring style

For me personally I know that ruffles have always been one of my life long obsessions. I think it all started with a pink ruffled swimsuit I had when I was like 5. Totally rocked that look lol. Now that I’m older I still gravitate towards them but in a different way. Don’t get me wrong a ruffled dress can be gorgeous but just not something I would wear every day. Adding in ruffles to a casual denim look has been one of my favorite ways to style this trend lately. The ruffles in this top really give a little something extra to the look. Then of course I make sure to add in a few fun accessories to elevate the look a bit and now we are talking the perfect spring girly trend!

A few other ways I would try styling this skirt would be with a classy pair of skinny ankle dress pants and some pumps. For a sportier look try it with olive green cargo capris and some white chucks, maybe a baseball cap. I literally just took me two seconds to think of those ideas! I could probably think of a few more just to wear this top again and again.

ruffle top - spring style

spring style

Are you all a fan of the ruffle trend? Also be sure to head over to the fabulous Candice’s blog Collectively Candice to see her post. And since this is Sip & Style we cant forget our tasty drink recipe. I have a couple of these by the pool so tasty!

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