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swimsuit - scallop swimsuit - pool style

Since summer time usually arrives in Arizona a bit sooner I make sure to shop swimwear earlier. If you are in need of swimwear options today’s Sip & Style segment is all about just that. I have been loving one piece swimsuits and high waisted swimwear lately  and Im sure Im not the only one. I feel like I have been in search of a scallop swimsuit since last year but hadn’t found one that wouldn’t break the bank. The one I’m wearing is only $40 can you believe it and it comes in six other colors. I like the black one since it has a bit more of a classic feel to it. It just so happens that when I put this swimsuit on there was also this fun scarf next me so I added it to my hair to give it the ultimate classy retro glam look. I’ve seen a few scalloped suits with a low v neckline but I love this halter top version.

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scallop black swimsuit - hair scarf - swim style

scallop detail - black one piece - watermelon float - pool style swimwear - scallop - target swimwear

mirror sunglasses - black bathing suit - pool - simply sutter

I got this super fun pool float and I just had to shoot this swimsuit with it. Then when I was done it really made me want watermelon! If a one piece isn’t for you this one also comes in a two piece and even a one shoulder option which I’m thinking I absolutely need in pink!


Now for the details on my tasty drink of choice! I like simple drinks that are refreshing so I made this adult strawberry punch.

For this drink all you need is your favorite punch, a shot of rum, a few muddled strawberries and ice.

sip and style - strawberry punch - pool drink

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