Space Buns Hairstyle + 4th of July Outfit Inspo
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Space Buns Hairstyle + 4th of July Outfit Inspo

4th of July hairstyle

Happy Monday! Fourth of July is quickly approaching and I have to say I can’t wait to join in on the festivities! Today I’m sharing with you all my fun space bun hairstyle that is perfect for the fourth of July or if you are needing a dirty hair hairstyle! I’m also going to give you a few 4th of July outfit ideas as well!


What You Will Need

  1. Brush
  2. Comb with pick
  3. Clear Elastic Bands
  4. Small Bobby Pins




  1. Brush hair though
  2. Using pick or fingers separate hair down middle
  3. Gather hair from one side into a high ponytail
  4. With clear elastic wrap hair once completely then at the second wrap create bun
  5. Fan out bun while pulling softly to create looseness
  6. Secure pieces down with small bobby pins
  7. Pull apart small pieces once again and securing any loose piece


4th of July Outfit Ideas


4th of July style

fourth of July outfits

4th of July outfit


Thanks so much for stopping by and reading today’s post! If you style these fun space buns for the 4th of July tag me in your instagram stories! I’d love to see them @monicsutter. After this weekend I am exhausted there were so many good sales that I got to share with you all! Have a great start to the week everyone!