How To Style Wooden Bead Garlands + DIY
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How To Style Wooden Bead Garlands + DIY

Lately I have been receiving tons of home decor mailers and magazines. A lot of the magazines are showing more earthy/natural decor, which i’m loving! There is one item in particular that I can’t seem to take my eye off… wooden bead garlands! Honestly it’s crazy how one strand of beads makes a home look so much more chic and whimsy. Today I’m sharing with you a few ways to style them as well as how to make your own!decorate coffee table with wooden beads - simply sutter - blogger home - style wood beads
wood decor - style - interior design ideasBefore we get into making them I thought i’d share a few ways on how to style them
in your home. The fist way to style them is with adding them around a vase. This pink version is actually a necklace ( see how I styled it here ) but I add them to this vase when I’m not wearing them and I really like how it elevates the darling white vase. Plus the tassels are just too gorgeous!tassel beads - pink beaded necklace - wooden beads on vase - simply sutter

Another way to decorate using these wooden beads is by jazzing up your curtains. I usually just let my curtains as is but when I pull them to the side I thought that they could use a little something. Since I ended up making a few of these I had two to spare to wrap around my curtains. With curtains that are striped it gives me some nautical vibes, perfect for summer.

I saved the best for last! Everyone probably has at least a few coffee table books that they like to display already so why not add another element that goes along with the books and the candle and the other pretty decor! I’m not sure about you but I love switching things around on my coffee table and when I added these to the mix it was like the missing piece to the puzzle.

decorate curtains - stripe curtains - wooden bead - simply sutter - home style

coffee table decor - coffee table - wooden bead style

DIY wood bead garland - wood beads - home styling - earthy decor

DIY Wooden Bead Garland

To make these you will need:

Wooden Beads With Holes

Twine, or sturdy ribbon to put through the bead

*optional tassel * Various sized beads (like used)


Pull beads through twine to the length you want then make a knot at both ends and style as desired

I’m not that crafty but these were super easy to make and were under $15. You could of course purchase them HERE or HERE

The multi purpose pink necklace

I hope you all loved today’s post it was so much fun making these and then seeing how I could style them. I remember walking around the house climbing on furniture and my husband asking what I was doing a couple of times. lol

Have a great weekend everyone!