Styling and Caring For Our First Indoor Plant
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Styling and Caring For Our First Indoor Plant

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Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree | Basket | Couches | Rug c/o Rug USA | Coffee Table 
When I first shared with you all that Chris and I were taking home our very first indoor plant, I got tons of questions on if they were hard to maintain or where in our home was it going? So I decided to round up all of those awesome questions and put together today’s post. 
We ended up going with a mature Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. To be honest if we got a started one I’m not to sure how the fella would have held up since I don’t have the best green thumb. Then of course there was the fact that the perfect spot for the Fig Tree was a pretty big space, so bigger was better. 
When it came to sprucing up “Fig” yes we named him lol we went through 2 baskets till finally finding this giant wicker basket (ON SALE). Making sure the basket fits properly is key so to save some time make sure you measure the pot as well as tray where the water will leak in to. 
Now I am no expert by any means so i’m just going by what I have researched online and am crossing all of my fingers and toes that it keeps flourishing. I water the fig tree once a week and always make sure that he basks in non direct sunlight. 
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I hope you all loved today’s post I know I always love sharing inside looks of the house. Would you like more home (life style posts)? If so what do you want to see? Recipes, Styling, Backyard, Hosting? 
Have a great weekend!