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Summer Hats

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Say it with me I like big hats and I cannot lie! To say I have a thing for hats would be an understatement! It’s more of an obsession! I love how a hat can transform a simple outfit. Plus a hat can give you more then just shade at the beach! Think sophistication, elegance and fun! For the summer I like hats that are weaved with straw and ones that are more neutral as it’s easier to pair them with the days outfit. There are so may styles out there but a few of my favorites would have to be boater hats, Panama hats and wide brimmed ones. 
To make sure you are summer ready I have linked all of the hats in this photo as well as a few other ones that are very eye catching! 

Have a lovely weekend everyone! I’m looking forward to celebrating Father’s Day and getting things ready for a little vacation coming up.