Sundays & Firsts
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Sundays & Firsts

Sunday… Sunday I love you because you let me sleep in one last time , because when I wake up I can watch all the T.V I want and spend family time with some pretty important people  Sunday … If ya could add a couple of extra hours to the day because I rather not have you end just yet. 

Tomorrow is the big day lol think after all the other firsts days the first day back to school would not make you a bit nervous WRONG ! I’ve got butterflies and all Don’t get me wrong I’m totally excited because this is one step closer to what I want to do. I can’t wait to help kids. I’m just a little jittery. One thing I’m a little eh about no nail polish !! I mean come on I love wearing my nail polish something so little I know . I just got my shatter nail polish and have only got to use it once =( Classes are only Monday- Thursday so that is not to bad I think is a bit more excited then me =) 


1. Chris and I got a puzzle yesterday We worked on that a little today It’s nice when we get to spend quality time together
2. Right now I’m listening to Taylor Swift <3 <3 
3. I made an amazing Dessert yesterday (banana, vanilla wafers, banana pudding, strawberries and whipped cream ) AMAZING !
4. I think the mail man gave someone else our netflix movie =( 
5. I’m in love with crystal light peach mango tea mmmm 

Wish Me Luck Tomorrow