How To Support Someone Going Through IVF
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How To Support Someone Going Through IVF

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Going through IVF is different for everyone and while Chris and I are both still going through this ourselves I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share today’s post. Mainly on the topic of how to help support someone going through IVF. I’ve actually gotten a few requests as well from a few of you as well. Weather you are friend, spouse or family member I hope this helps guide you.



Opening up to family that you are going through this is a tough job and sharing this journey with friends is no easier. So if you are a friend that’s had this info shared with them then you should 100 percent feel lucky! To be there for them is pretty much being one of the front line troops. Supporting your friend during this time can look like a lot of different things. For instance just being an ear to listen to or having a shoulder to lean on is one of the best things you can do to help support your friend. If you are unsure of whether to ask something or not simply state that. Your friend who is going through IVF will let you know what they feel comfortable sharing.



I’m thankful that Chris and I are a great team for better or worse. Since we started IVF there has been a lot of ups and downs for sure. No matter what though Chris has always been my rock. For us to go through this I explained to him that I needed to let myself go through the emotions of it all. Communication was and is really a big key to this because it can be a lot to handle. Sometimes more than others! I did a lot of crying, getting frustrated and having “little” melt downs and really the only thing your spouse can do is just support you in what you are going through. I of course had to also remind myself that there was only so much Chris could do so I did a lot of breathing and bottling things up. NOT GOOD! Spouses if you have a sense that something is wrong or aren’t sure how to help ask them what you can do?! Weather it’s lots of foot, belly rubs or taking charge of the injections it helps! Again communication is key!



Your family wants to be there for you and of course they don’t like seeing you go through this. They even might not know what to say and when they do say things it might not be the right thing to say. For instance if its not meant to be that’s okay or you can just try again. This one is my favorite one “ just relax“. Insert eye roll here! Try to remember they do care about you but it’s important to tell them how those things make you feel. This goes for family members as well the person going through IVF loves you but if they are giving you feedback on how things make them feel listen to them and try to be as understanding as possible.


Keep Yourself Busy

Easier said then done! I 100% get this one I work from home so I have to try my hardest to not sit in our bedroom racking my brain about creating follicles and thinking is there anything I can do. Things you can do to keep your mind busy are to call out to those friends or family or maybe they’ve even stepped up and have made plans for you to hangout. DO THEM! even if it’s for an hour or two. Go on date night with your spouse! Relax your mind by doing a puzzle, reading, and taking lavender infused baths. Most importantly do things that bring you joy! I have been cuddling the crud out of my pups and have also been burning through fall candles like no ones business.


I hope this post can shed a bit of light to those who are wondering about this. It’s not easy and is different for everyone. If you haven’t had a chance to see our latest IVF update you can do so HERE.