Tea Time: Q&A
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Tea Time: Q&A

 Tea..what can I say about tea.. I ♥ you and your all your flavorful goodness! 
but tea from TEAVANA is my favorite ! I love the feeling of when I walk in there I can get my sampling on ! There always so nice in there the only thing I would need is a blanket and a comfy chair!  Christopher actually introduced me to it. He brought the youth berry tea and this darling tea set! I’m so thankful for him and his cuteness!
I would love to answer any questions you have about me or my blog, puppies, Christopher, fashion (get your questions on )  !  So please ask away and on the next tea time I will answer them as best as I can ! 

 Tea: Teavana ( Blackberry Mojito
* these products were purchased by me*
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