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The Fur Babes

My Boys,
If you haven’t met them your missin out
If you have your lucky 
My First 
Chris and I were living in our apartment for a few months and my birthday was just around the corner and I had been whining (again) I wanted a puppy
So he decided to gather a master plan with my parents for a nice drive to California 
A few hours later we pulled up to some random house I looked at my parents and Chris 
and started tearing up because I finally realized what we were doing in California 
Now there are two adorable puppies looking at me ! 
If you know me I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ! animals so if I could have I would have taken both!
One puppy just sat right in front of me with his tounge hanging out 
That’s how it happened ! My Riley Son !
Riley: He loves his naps , he is the happiest pup ever , Sits on his booty like a meerkat, knows when the peanut butter is out even when in the other room, he loves his apples and his squeaky toy silly willy, always by moms side and of course the best snuggler.

My Spaz
For a year I had been telling Chris Riley needs a brother to play with but then I didn’t want him to 
feel like he wasn’t as loved 
So Chris took that as he had to make the decision so Valentines day rolled around 
I was in the bathroom getting ready to go to my parents. He came in with this tiny little puppy in his arms. Once again (crying! I cant help it i’m a sucker for animals) Besides Getting Riley and of course marrying me best decision
Bo:He loves all toys, toy snatcher, treat lover, turns into a bull when it is dinner time (no joke), loves to ignore you when you say his name , thinks he is a Great Dane and loves his dad shoes
Honestly the best puppies ever I am one lucky pup mom