The GRAND Canyon
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The GRAND Canyon

Living in Arizona my entire life you would you think  “hey she has been to the Grand Canyon a million times ..Right?” EEEH Wrong! well my parents say I have but I was like what 7 I don’t remember it one bit. Finally I had a chance to explore the Canyon and it’s rocky mountains. FYI if you live in AZ or know anything about it you will know that its July and we have what you call MONSOON Season! and we so happen to have gotten a lot of rain on this trip! After 4 hours of being in the car we finally made it you could smell the wonderful pine in the air and light breeze. We walked the South Rim of the Canyon and decided to call it a day. Literally as soon as we walked outside of that gift shop BAM the rain came down HARD ! I looked at my lovely husband and he said so kindly said you guys wait here I will run and grab the car.. such a sweetie =) If you stop through AZ give the grand canyon a little tour bring your camera of course the views are amaze!


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