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The Metal Braid

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I was walking around my local craft store the other day and came upon this pretty copper colored wired and just through it in my cart without even thinking why I needed it. It wasn’t until I went home and thought what the heck am I going to do with this. Then it hit me that I needed to incorporated it to my already braided hair. So today I am sharing with you how to accessories the ordinary braid. I love this metal braid idea for a night out or even with a bohemian outfit. 
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– 16″ or Larger wire * I used THIS ONE 
– 1-2 hair elastics 
Step one: Pull hair into any low braid ( I went with a fishtail ) , fasten with band
Step two: Use wire cutters to cut copper or any other colored wire * make sure you get enough so that you can wrap the 1st part of braid at least 15 times * don’t worry you can always cut more and add it 
Step three: Wrap wire around top of braid 
Step four: Repeat step three for bottom of the braid
Step five: Pull apart braid for undone look 
What do you all think of this hairstyle? If you attempt it i’d love to see it! Today Christopher and I have an extremely packed day of new home things we need to attend to but I’m hoping I get to squeeze in some shopping and hopefully finishing my book. Have a lovely weekend!