The One-Piece at The Saguaro Palm Springs
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The One-Piece at The Saguaro Palm Springs

one-piece swimsuit
When it comes to swimsuits I normally go for a two piece but this year I am all about the cutout details in a one-piece. 6 shore road has an amazing collection of one-pieces and two-pieces that you need to check out. On Christopher and I’s second day in Palm Springs we decided to head out early and get some pool time in while at our stay at The Saguaro Palm Spring. This darling two toned swimsuit has a high waist bottom, mid cutout along with a small front twist, just to mention a few details that I love. Oh and the clasps are rose gold! The pool at the saguaro had a rainbow of color so this swimsuit fit in just right if you ask me.  Make sure you get a watermelon margarita and the chips and guac.
swim suit, sun hat
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tunic, swimwear
6 shore road swimsuit
hat attack tote
A few things that I like to bring to the pool are a good book/magazine, sunscreen, sun hat, and my phone packed with music. Speaking of music you can follow me HERE on spotify to listen to my playlists. What do you bring to the pool? Below are a few other one-piece swimsuits I love and I think you might too!