The One Spring Sneaker You Need
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The One Spring Sneaker You Need

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Do you all have a song that completely gets you pumped up for Monday?! Mine has got to be.. don’t laugh probably the eye of the tiger song or the one Wham song wake me up! Anyways this Monday I’m all about these espadrille sneakers. I was already in love with espadrille sandals and slip ons and then I saw these beauties in a sneaker form and was like yes! I MUST have these!  I love the nude color of them because its easy to pair them with an outfit. An all white look with this nude color is probably my favorite color combos for sure though. Now that I think of it I would so wear these espadrille sneakers with overalls and off the shoulder top as well. Such a great spring look wouldn’t you say!? 
Did you notice the awesome mesh sides? I love how it gives it a more airy feel, instead of being closed. Also they are so soft to walk in you guys. I can’t get enough. Oh and they also come in 2 other colors but this color just got me and the price did too!
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Today is going to be kinda crazy on top of all the things I have to do and then on top of all that I have to make it to the apple store to see what the FRACK! is going on with my computer! It keeps telling me start up disk full and I have already transferred almost all of my documents and images to an external hard drive! EH! but since I will be out I’m thinking a small froyo stop might be a good idea!
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PS thank you so much for all the congrats on Chris and I’s 4yr wedding anniversary! 
Cant wait to share more about our trip on here SOON