The Oversized Scarf Guide
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The Oversized Scarf Guide

oversized scarf - plaid scarf - winter style
Beanie | Scarf * under $30 Also loving this Pom One | Great Sweater OPT | Boots * comes in 2 other colors | Lipstick
Bigger is better well at least when it comes to scarves! Don’t get me wrong I adore a smaller scarf but lately i’ve been loving an oversized scarf. I add them with just about anything, plain white shirts, cozy knitted sweater even a long sleeve dress over a leather jacket. Also it is plaid and it just wouldn’t be a cozy outfit without plaid. But my fave way has to be adding it to a quick casual outfit like the one I am wearing today. I cant get enough of the pops of red. 
Since my oversized scarf collection is growing I thought why not share a few more scarves with you I have my eye on because you can really never have to many. 
Check Them Out Below 
sweater and scarf - ankle boots outfit - beanie - style - simply sutter
scarf style - plaid - blanket scarf - red lips
casual style - denim style - winter wear - simply sutter
winter fashion - beanie - how to style - simply sutter - winter style

Did I mention my birthday is on Friday!? Im hoping to go on a little getaway! Where I can bring all of my oversized scarves. Have a great Wednesday everyone and thank you to everyone who entered in the bauble bar earring contest Ill be sharing the winner on instagram soon.