5 Simple Tips For Last Minute Hosting
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5 Simple Tips For Last Minute Hosting

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This time of year it always feels like there is so much to do and not enough time! One thing that is important to remember is to enjoy yourself! Enjoy baking cookies, picking out wrapping paper for gift and most of all enjoy the company. In our home we welcome last minute holiday drop byes from our friends and family. Today I’ll be sharing a few simple tips for hosting last minute guests that will surely come in handy!


Last Minute Hosting Tips

Food – When it comes to the food think of a few things that you can always have on hand. For instance a small cheese board that include some type of cured meat or hard salami. Cheeses I like to keep on hand are cream cheese because if you want you can add some type of jam over it for a fancy touch. A ready made herbs cheese works perfectly too! Add a few garnishes like crackers, nuts and something chocolatey if possible. Whatever you have on hand will make for a wonderful thought out display.

Hot Eats – If a cheese board isn’t your thing opt for heading to your local grocery store to pick up a few frozen apps. I love the breaded shrimp from Costco and the spinach dip from trader joes that can be ready in minutes.


Beverages – Everyone has a beverage of choice weather alcoholic or non alcoholic. Keep beverages like vodka, sparkling water and wine on hand. It doesn’t have to be anything over the top because what really makes the drink is the garnish! I keep cranberries, cinnamon sticks and jam on hand. Any of these beverage garnishes can be added to drinks to add a festive touch!


Playlist – Make sure to have a playlist of a veriaty of music for when you guests come you can play that in that background. Here is one I’ve created incase you need one. If your jam comes on don’t be afraid to sing along or bust a move! You never know it could spark an impromptu dance party!!


Conversation Topics – I am not the chatty one in the group but I do love to make sure I have a few things to talk about ahead of time. Some great places to start are pop culture, current events or my personal favorite have you seen that show or movie?! Take inspiration from things around your home you can talk about like that fancy gingerbread house you decked out or even Christmas decor. There are also conversation cards to try as well! Try these out for $25


Warmth – Fill your homes with cozy knit blankets, warm inviting scented candles, or lit tree and if you have guests that might stay overnight make sure to keep fluffy towels and sheets available.

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Do you see that? Last minute guest are walking up! and guess what you now have it covered!
Happy Holidays!