Tis The Season
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Tis The Season

So skipping over all the hub bub about Thanksgiving Ive already moved on to CHRISTMAS . Its kind of like when you walk in to Walgreens and you say wow Christmas stuff already ? Its just like that . Chris and I have already bought our Christmas lights and pretty much everything else ! We cant wait to start putting things up to celebrate the season. Going back to Thanksgiving it will be held at our place this year and so will Christmas Day. On cooking dinner well lets see I don’t think I’m quite ready to do it all myself Lol I think id go Crazy for sure. But I’m sure there will def. be a funny memorable story to remember every year . That I cant wait for. LoL Whats everyone making for their thanksgiving dinner ?? Ive got some cookie/ candy recipes up my sleeve that I’m hoping everyone will enjoy for the holidays. Riley hopefully will have a chance to visit Santa again at petsmart this year and get his picture taken. He has been the best pup this year. hopefully Santa brings him a giant tasty treat 😉 My lil brother went to his first homecoming dance with his now girlfriend and let me tell ya I was not ready for him to grow up. but i realize he has to the little kid who i loved saying wear your overalls is no longer 6 anymore. <3 I’m so blessed to have a wonderful family I love you .  Pictures your seeing are the ones I took on Our visit last year to flagstaff.


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