Fun You Time Things To Do During Social Distancing
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Fun You Time Things To Do During Social Distancing

fun things to do social distancing

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I’ve lost count as to how many weeks its been of social distancing and to be honest I just try not to think of it. When I think about it gives me a lot of anxiety so instead I’m trying to do a lot of thing to keep my busy in between work. If you are in the same boat as me then today I’m sharing with you fun “you time” things to do during social distancing. Making time for you time is super important so I hope you find a few new things to try!


Social Distancing

– Vitamin D

Getting outside just to get a bit of vitamin D is so important. I try to wake up and sit on the lounge chair for a for at least 10 -15 minutes then again in the afternoon. ps if you saw my stories yesterday then you might have seen I got a bit too much yesterday eek!


– Read

I love to read books and listen to audible books.


– Organize 

Oh my gosh is there anything better then opening a newly organized drawer or space? I’ve organized a lot spaces in my home but not all of them so every once in a while I like to organize a new area. You can check out some previous ones below.


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– Make Art 

Get crafty and make some art! For my birthday Chris and I did a painting class and I love that we go to take our work home. It was great to look at in our home. So get those paints, markers and buttons out and make something fun!


– Virtual Museum Tour 

Do you like museums? Me too! I might be late to knowing this but you can do virtual museum tours! Here you can take a virtual tour of the British Museum.


– Make Treats 

Making treats is always a good idea to me. Especially when it involves chocolate! I recently made these chocolate clusters and let me just say I’m proud of these tasty treats. Whatever treats you like whip some up to have on hand!

– Workout

Personally I like to do yoga, spin or a quick full body workout.


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More Fun Things To Do


– Netflix Party

This is a fun new thing you can do with Netflix where you can chat with friends while you watch movies and shows on Netflix.

Try It Out Here


– Walk Your Pets

Taking your pets on walks is great exercise for you and them!


– Learn a Language 

Check out Duolingo to learn a new language


– Video Chat 

To chat with friends and family I like to use either WhatsApp or Marcopolo


– Explore a Planet

If you have ever wanted to see Mars now you can with THIS 360 view. I thought this was SUPER cool!


Send a Letter

There is nothing sweeter than sending and receiving a hand written note from someone close.


– Tie Dye Something


– Game Pigeon With Friends 

The Game Pigeon app is a great way to play board game with friends. There are a ton of fun games and you can even chat while you play too.


If you all have any other ideas please feel free to share below!