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To Have A Bestie

I recently came across a blog Classic and Bubbly
and while browsing there lovely pages I saw that they had posted saying that lulus was having a contest.
The contest is for you and your bestie and you both receive a dress EVERY month ! 
How SWEET is that ?! CLICK HERE to Enter. Stesha and Brie have an amazing sense of fashion and are super adorable girls ! Check them out !
Anyways the video that the lovely Ladies ( Stesha and Brie) did made me think of my Bestie and Sis (Bev) and how thankful I am for her
She now lives in North Carolina instead of here with me in Arizona “insert sad face” regaurdless of the distance she is my partner in crime and my go to gal.
I decided to put together some of my favorite photos of her and I 
lulus contest

lulus contest

 There are so many more wonderful memories that Bev and I have shared together 
She is the Cheese to my Macaroni lol 
To Have A Bestie is a pretty wonderful thing I think 
Here to hoping we win sissy ! 
Miss you Squishy 
*dont forget to enter and to check out the links above *
Luvs M